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Click to enlarge Million Dollar Theatre. Photo (c) Gnomus, Aug 2001

When we are outside the Bradbury Building, such as when Pris and J.F. Sebastian meet, in the background is the Million Dollar Theatre. The above photo was taken by Gnomus in August 2001, who describes it, " ... shows the old Million Dollar Theater from the entrance of the Bradbury. As you can see, it's been closed and the name has been removed. One of the odd things about LA movie palaces is that they all seem to feature these ticket booths which resemble Zeus's helmet or something. There are about a dozen old movie palaces on this stretch of Broadway (a few of which are still in use). The marquees for these theaters are intact (as well as some nice tile work on the sidewalks, sunburst designs and so forth), but there are clothing and electronic shops in the lobbies catering to the largely Hispanic population. I don't know if the actual theaters have been gutted or not. The old Warners has been converted to a jewelry showroom, but they've preserved the architecture, and the flies and equipment of the original stage can be seen."

Million Dollar Theater front doorThe newest photo of the Million Dollar Theater is by Wellthtsgud (RD), taken in January 2004 and shows more detail of the interior of the arch above the door. Of particular note, in the foreground, (the Bradbury Building is behind the photographer), you can see a plaque with Deckard's picture, explaining how this was the site for filming Blade Runner. [Click photo to enlarge.]

The following photos are not of locations found in Blade Runner, but are of some interest anyway. The left and right pics are from the intersection of Broadway and Third, where the Bradbury Building and the Million Dollar Theater are found.

Click to enlarge the Giant Penny. Photo (c) Gnomus, Aug 2001
Click to enlarge  Los Angeles building. Photo (c) Gnomus, Aug 2001
Click to enlarge Victoria Clothing building. Photo (c) Gnomus, Aug 2001

The first is of the Giant Penny store. It is from in front of this building that we see the view that Pris first has of the Bradbury Building, (and the view of Deckard arriving there). Although the Giant Penny is not actually seen in BR, it did serve as the building where the "sloth" victim was found in Seven.

The third shot is described by Gnomus thus, "The name of the "sloth" victim in Seven was Victor. Right across Broadway from the Giant Penny is the Victor Clothing Co. Coincidence? Los Angeles loves its murals, and this one of Anthony Quinn is nicknamed "The Pope of Broadway." For residents of the Bradbury on the north side, this is the view they have. This mural can be seen in In The Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood. John Malkovich has a letter drop in LA which overlooks the Pope."

As for the centre picture, Gnomus says, "This shot has absolutely nothing to do with BR, but is another example of the old movie palaces (like the Million Dollar, R.I.P.) which line Broadway. I think it's a pretty amazing building, even if it doesn't have the classic Zeus's helmet ticket booth."

Gnomus concludes with the following observations, "There is currently a movement underway to revitalize downtown L.A. They are trying to turn old office buildings into lofts for hip urbanites, and save (?) some of the theaters by turning them into
discos/clubs/etc. There are still a lot of big corporations headquartered in the area, and Disney is building a huge art complex there. So it seems safe to assume for now that the Bradbury, Million Dollar and other buildings seen in BR will still be standing when 2019 rolls around."


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