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Click to enlarge Warner Brothers New York Street Backlot
Click to enlarge Warner Brothers New York Street Backlot

Created in the 1930's and used for some of those Film Noir movies that were part inspiration for Blade Runner, the Warner Bros. New York Street Backlot is well represented in films and television. Visit the official site and take their 360 degree virtual tour.

Changed enormously by the wonderful set designers who worked on Blade Runner, and filmed at night (at least those darn green trees in the background wouldn't show up), it is difficult to figure out exactly where each part of Blade Runner's street scenes were filmed. The amazing thing is that almost all of the street scenes were filmed here!

Blade Runner street scene

And Katherine Haber said, "Not only did we have hundreds of extras, we had 50-60 vehicles, lighting effects and moving mannequins. We had to create a red light district, a hustle bustle scene, so it was a huge amount of coordination with background action, cars moving, lights flashing and people moving. With Ridley's eye on detail, everything had to be perfect. The wardrobe was incredible. Every single secondhand store was looted by our wardrobe department to create the effect of a multi-national, multi-racial society. We used Russian and Chinese army uniforms. There were men dressed up as nuns, Hari Krishnas--a melange of absolutely every part of society you could imagine."


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