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Not fish. Snake scale.

Abdul-Ben Hassan gets questioned by DeckardWith the near-extinction of many of the world's animals, demand is high for artificial animals. They obviously aren't cheap though, (how many stall owners could afford an electron microscope?) Deckard takes the scale to the fish expert, but she tells him it is a snake scale - try Abdul-Ben Hassan.

An ostrich for Animoid RowIt was once reported that mechanical birds were specially created for the movie, but Terry Frazee (floor effects supervisor) has pointed out that "those are real ostriches".
Lawrence G. Paull said, "Obviously, we used real animals posing as replicant animals, but we also used some stuffed animals. Very bizzare, exotic types of people wander in and out of this whole scene."
Look out for the stuffed ostrich in JF's apartment as well.

Click to enlarge Animoid RowAnimoid Row is a strange place where all sorts of replicant animals can be purchased, and perhaps repaired. This scene is very reminiscent of the Akihabara market in Tokyo, (low-tech stalls selling high tech gear in close co-existence with "Electric City").
The set (on the Warner Bros. New York Street Backlot) cost $1 million to build - quite a big chunk of cash at that time! Click the pic to enlarge.


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