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Ridleyville newsstand in Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a visually stunning film. A lot of this has to do with the huge depth of detail. The various street scenes, (built on the Warner Bros. New York Street backlot), are full of colour, movement and absolutely packed with detail that is easy to miss, or may not have even made it into the final cut. The newsstand (above) is an example of the level of set design in what became known as "Ridleyville".

To ensure that on the off-chance anyone might get the tiniest clear shot of the newsstand, futuristic magazine covers were made up by Tom Southwell in the BR art department. Magazines with titles such as Horn, Krotch, Kill, Zord, Bash, Creative Evolution, Droid and Moni. There are some amusing jokes in the article titles - In Moni, for instance, you can read "Earthlings Pay Big $ To See Future" by M Deeley, "Higher Tech" by L G Paull and "Illegal Aliens" by R Scott.


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