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Ennis Brown House
Ennis Brown House

The Ennis-Brown House is one of the finest works of the celebrated architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed the house in 1924 for the Ennis family. As Wright and Ennis shared a love for Mayan art and architecture, Wright used this as inspiration, together with his view that architecture should be part of the landscape, not simply on top of it.

It was bought and sold a number of times before the Brown family bought it in 1968. In 1980, Augustus Brown donated the house to the Trust for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, who are now responsible for maintaining this icon of American cultural heritage. They renamed it the "Ennis-Brown House" after the first and last owners. Mr Brown remains as curator of the property and oversees continuing restoration work. For more details, photographic tour, etc. please visit the official site.

The following are photos by Gnomus (late 2001) of the Ennis-Brown House. It is located on top of one of the Hollywood hills near Griffith Park in L.A. in Los Feliz at 2655 Glendower Avenue First there is a montage (its a big place) of the street side of the house. Ridley Scott liked it so much, he used the house again in "Black Rain".

The Ennis-Brown House

Click to enlarge Ennis-Brown House. Photo (c) Gnomus, Nov 2001
Click to enlarge Ennis-Brown House. Photo (c) Gnomus, Nov 2001
Click to enlarge Ennis-Brown House. Photo (c) Gnomus, Nov 2001

So, here we have the front of the house on the left, which is the road Deckard drives up just before he gets home. In the centre is the back of the house, as seen up the hill which, in aesthetic terms "it is part of". Restoration work continues. The third photo "shows the window in greater detail. The windows in this place are pretty impressive and this shot doesn't really do them justice. Rocketeer used the house for Neville (Timothy Dalton) Sinclair's residence, and shows it off fairly well."


Ennis-Brown House block pattern.(c) Gnomus, Nov 2001

Ennis-Brown House Replica BlockEnnis-Brown House Replica BlockYes, that it is a cement block with a pretty pattern on it. That is what is all over this house and you can even buy replicas of these blocks to create your own version of the Ennis-Brown experience at home! The stone block motif was used to create Deckard's Apartment studio set. Only the part where Deckard looks out at the city was filmed in the house, (with matte painting, etc.).

Deckard arrives home. Photo (c) Gnomus, Nov 2001
Click to enlarge Ennis-Brown House gates, Photo (c) Gnomus, Nov 2001

Deckard is seen driving up to the real Ennis-Brown house. Incidentally, the wrought iron around the Ennis-Brown house was not created by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was probably chosen by Ennis and Wright then incorporated it.

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