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Wiltern TheatreWell I couldn't resist putting this particular page here. According to Future Noir, the Wiltern Theatre was scouted for use as the interior of Taffey's - when Taffey's was going to be an opera house instead of a nightclub. (In DADoES, we have an opera singing replicant, not an exotic dancer.) However, as another wonderful example of Los Angeles Art Deco architecture, it deserves a look anyway!

Wiltern Theatre Main LobbyI recommend you to the official site, where you can see more interesting pictures (like the fabulous starburst ceiling). The Wiltern is located at 3790 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Here is a picture of the Main Lobby which is one possibility for where filming might have taken place.

"So, where was The Snake Pit actually filmed then?" I hear you ask. Well on the same studio soundstage as Sebastian's apartment - they decided to build it themselves, inspired by the Wiltern Art Deco design.


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