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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

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This site is dedicated to ALL fans of Blade Runner. We do hope that everyone drops in to the Usenet newsgroup but there is plenty on this site to entertain you if you choose not to do that.

So, while I expect most contributions to come from regulars at the newsgroup, even if you don't visit there, your contributions will be welcomed for consideration.

To submit something, there are a few very simple steps:

  1. If it has anything to do with additions or changes to the Blade Runner FAQ, this should be sent to Lukas Mariman who is the FAQman.

  2. Before putting a lot of time into creating something, please e-mail me first with your idea - I will quickly be able to tell you if someone else is already working on something similar.

  3. When you have finished, send me your stuff attached to an e-mail, (preferably zipped if it is substantial.) If you would like me to do any proof reading first, I'll be quite happy to do that, otherwise I will fit it into the website as soon as I can.

The obvious questions I think some people might ask are "What format do I send it in?", and "I don't know the first thing about creating web pages - can you do that bit?" The answer to both is the same: You can send it in any one of several formats - Straight text, RTF, Word, HTML, etc. First, it is worth knowing how the site pages are structured:

There are only "three" page formats that will be used on this web site:

  1. The standard page across most of the site looks like the one you are reading now. The left hand column is made up of site-wide library items, so ignore those. If you want to submit something for a standard page, then you could, if you wanted to, copy this page and change the bits you want, but the only bits that need changing are:
    • a couple of fields in the Head section (Title, Author).
    • The heading on the page.
    • The content in the big blue box.
    So it is just as easy to send to me your stuff as ordinary text or HTML and I can just slot it in to a page created from a template.

  2. Large text documents, e.g. stories, are formatted on easy to read and printer-friendly black on white pages with no menus, etc. A plain text document would be the best way to submit this, (with notes of where, if at all, you would like it split into parts).

  3. Your own chunk of website. While I like a consistent look across the site, I am only acting as webmaster to a collective experience and thus have no intention of imposing my views on how your stuff should look. So, if you feel inclined to create a whole set of pages in its own section, please feel free to use whatever page style you fancy. It will be linked from an appropriate place.

Don't forget to specify how you would like your name to appear and what e-mail address you would like attached to it, (you don't have to, but why not invite feedback?)

The webmaster ("me") is Netrunner ( )