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The game "Blade Runner" was released in 1997 by Westwood, and was a leap forward for adventure games genre, just as the film was a leap forward for science fiction.

Unlike many games based on a film, Blade Runner isn't simply a rerun of the film, instead it adds a new dimension to the original storyline. You are Ray McCoy, rookie Blade Runner, you are called to investigate a horrific case of animal murder, your investigation takes place at the same time as Deckard's in the film, although Deckard isn't in the game.
Throughout the game there are references to Deckard and Holden.

Returning Cast:
Many of the stars from the film are also in the game:
Sean Young - Rachael
Brion James - Leon
James Hong - Chew
Joe Turkel - Eldon Tyrell
William Sanderson - J.F. Sebastian

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Back of the box.

System requirements:
Win 9x/NT4 (sp3)
P90Mhz or better
16Mb RAM
150Mb Hard disk space
Video card.

references to deckard

Act 2: When talking to Rachael she mentions that she has already spoken to another Blade Runner.
Act 2: Tyrell says: "As I explained to Mr. Deckard earlier, I've given the Nexus 6 a past"
Act 2: Fish Lady talks about "the other one" - she if referring to Deckard.
Act 3: In some scenarios Izo's picture of McCoy shows Deckard in the background, "Strange scale"

references to holden

Holden's Badge:
McCoy: I found Holden's badge.
Guzza: Damn, let me guess, you found it in that hotel in china town?
Guzza: That's the old timer's case. The one we brought back on contract. Bryant's got faith in this guy, but I gotta wonder about any son of a bitch who can miss a badge in a room that small!. Listen, Deckard, he feels too much, ya' know? He;s too far along that curve.
McCoy: Did he retire the rep who shot Holden?
Guzza: Bryant said he did yeah. I guess he's getting the job done. Holden'll be glad to get this back, kid. Ya done good.

Bullet Bob's
Bob tells McCoy how great Davey Holden is, and how they are great mates.

sights & sounds

Police HQ: The first floor is exactly the same as in the film, you never see the lock-up or any floor in the film though.
Howie lee's: The scene we where meet Deckard in the film, with the familiar BZZZ, bzz
DNA Row: Again, exactly the same, even the people on bikes.
Eye Works: My favorite recreated scene, it looks better in the game than the movie.
Tyrell Corp.: The breathtaking scene is just as outstanding as it is in the film.
Yukon Hotel: Leon's room is again the same, see if you can find the scale in the bath tub.
J.F. Sebastian's: The Broadbury is just a creepy, watch the water, and don't get too close to any of the toys ;-)
Billboard The lady taking some kind of pill. This will bring back memories to die-hard BR fans.
OFF WORLD: The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity, and adventure. Although a different guy says it.

familiar faces

Howie Lee: Howie has unknowingly employed a Replicant, Zuban.
Gaff: Gaff was always spying on Deckard, on the rare occasion he speaks to you, be sure to value what he says.
Hasan: Deckard has given him a hard time, so he isn't too pleased when you come along.
Leon: Leon he pretty annoyed with the hotel manager about Deckard rummaging through his personal files, are you just going to stand there watching him bully the manager, or intervene?
Rachael: Deckard is in love with Rachael, a Replicant. McCoy doesn't of course know this yet.
Chew: Chew makes eyes. Not long after you visit, Leon and Roy Batty will pay a visit.
Fish Lady: A life saver for the Blade Runner, both McCoy and Deckard ask her for help, "Not fish, snake scale"

I hope this page has given you an insight into the game. It's better than most games I've played. I have the EA Classic version, only £14.99 (roughly $22.00), it has 4 CDs.
I've spent hours trying to see all the endings (there are more then 12).

Blade Runner Game screenshot

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