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Please note that most links are not revised. Although correct when originally written, the nature of news means that I cannot guarantee that any particular link will still be valid today.

27 Sep 2000 Sci Fi Wire: Ford Says Deckard Not A Replicant. And so the debate continues in an Empire Magazine interview with Harrison Ford.
25 Aug 2000 The Digital Bits: Scott Free interview. That interview with Charles de Lauzirika, producer for Scott Free Productions.
15 Jul 2000 eonline: "Blade Runner" Bombshell! by Josh Grossberg. Sorry Josh, story getting old and was nothing new to BR fans anyway. You should have asked the right newsgroup!
12 Jul 2000 Sci Fi Wire: Young Knew About Replicant. Sean Young throws in her opinion in a interview.
10 Jul 2000 Cinescape: BLADE RUNNER: When news is not new. At least somebody knows its old news!
10 Jul 2000 Mr Showbiz: Scott reveals Blade Runner secret. Obviously they've forgotten the Mr Showbiz celebrity lounge chat of 1996 where he already "revealed the secret" (again)!
10 Jul 2000 Empire: The Truth About Blade Runner. Ridley reveals all ......
10 Jul 2000 Scott Reveals Blade Runner Secret. Yes, its the same "secret".
10 Jul 2000 Sci Fi Wire: Scott: Deckard Is A Replicant. More on the story.
09 Jul 2000 BBC: Blade Runner riddle solved. Well not really ... Old news to BR fans anyway!
26 Jun 2000 Time Europe: The Talented Mr. Ridley. RS talks about life, death - and why filmmaking is a blood sport.
31 May 2000 DVD Advance: Looking Through the Eyes of Ridley Scott Article about Scott, his films, DVDs and particularly memories of seeing Blade Runner when it was originally released.
00 Apr 2000 Wired: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us It is not specifically a Blade Runner story, but it is about future of robots, genetic engineering and nanotech and how the human race may be affected and is absolutely essential reading. Also check out the follow-up story in July.
10 Jan 2000 APBNews: Blade Runner Author Suspected Syphilis Plot. The FBI and PKD - paranoia or simple misunderstanding?

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