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Please note that most links are not revised. Although correct when originally written, the nature of news means that I cannot guarantee that any particular link will still be valid today.

25 Nov 2001 Blade Runner voted in 8th position in Channel 4's Greatest 100 Films. See our report of the results.
17 Oct 2001 If you pre-ordered the Android model from Toy Syndicate, news is this should be ready mid-December. If you haven't, but want one, you should hurry - it is very limited and the price has already gone up! Check the Collectible Figures section. Android Hunter version 3 also available.
24 Sep 2001 AICN - Report on L.A. BR screening. The screening was supplemented by the presence of Ridley Scott, who did a Q&A session afterwards, where he talked about various things including some hints about the Special Edition.
23 Sep 2001 BBC: - Empire Greatest Movies Ever Poll. Blade Runner makes 16th place, but one wonders about those Empire readers...
10 Sep 2001 DVD File interviews Charles de Lauzirika. Extensive interview with Charles - the DVD producer for Scott Free productions - the guy who is bringing you the Blade Runner Special Edition DVD! Great insight into Special Edition DVDs generally and some in particular - a must read.
07 Sep 2001 CBS 60 minutes Ridley Scott - from painter to filmmaker. Interesting look at the Director and his movies. It includes the comment, "The world of Blade Runner set the standard for every sci-fi film since". Also has links to related CBS interviews and video clips.
00 Sep 2001 Wired: My Own Private Tokyo by William Gibson. Gibson revisits Tokyo after the Bubble and gives his own special view of where the Japanese are now. More Blade Runner than Blade Runner in some ways!
21 Jun 2001 We, robots! - Salon looks at the line between man and machine.
05 Jun 2001 Martin Scorsese's widescreen Top 10. Martin Scorsese thinks some films MUST be seen in widescreen. BR is his number 2 choice (after 2001). Scorsese Starts Widescreen Campaign.
04 May 2001 Channel 4 : Mark Kermode discourse. Lost like tears in rain - Mark Kermoded, who presented the documentary, talks about the clash of egos in the filming of Blade Runner.
01 Apr 2001 Nuts & Volts: Article reprinted at BladeZone. Discussion by Syd Mead (BR Visual Futurist).
01 Apr 2001 BFI Sight and Sound: The riddler has his day. British Film Institute on Ridley Scott.
26 Mar 2001 BBC: Director Ridley Scott quizzed.
18 Feb 2001 Great Scott: Ridley's revelations. 4 minute video clip from 60 minutes.
13 Feb 2001 BBC: Ridley Scott: Hollywood visionary.
06 Feb 2001 BBC: How much of Blade Runner has come true? Fascinating article.
31 Jan 2001 VFXpro: Jordan Cronenweth talks Really detailed article about the making of Blade Runner. You'll need to register, but its free.
30 Jan 2001 CBS 60 minutes Tony Scott - My brother the Director. Tony talks about Ridley and their relationship.

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