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09 Dec 2004 Occasionally I bring you the completely off the wall reference to BR, so here we go: The BMW Z4 is apparently as much superior to the Z3 as Roy Batty is to a Ken Doll. So says ssonet...
07 Dec 2004 A month ago, I mentioned the five short films the Scott Brothers were producing for Amazon - well the last one ("Careful What You Wish For") is up. It has an appearance by Daryl Hannah, but watch it for what the title refers to!
06 Dec 2004 So what film was it that introduced the idea of the action hero wearing a trench coat? Not just the ordinary detective, but the sort of guy who might jump between buildings... Well of course it was Blade Runner and MTV has a rant about it.
02 Dec 2004 I include this as a few people have mentioned the BR DC DVD is currently on sale cheap in the USA. It only mentions it in passing (though flatteringly), but the article itself amused me. The madness of obsessive shopping habits...
30 Nov 2004 Happy birthday Sir Ridley! To celebrate the never-likely-to-retire BR director's completion of another year of filmmaking, The Stax Report Salutes Ridley Scott by giving potted reviews of all his films.
30 Nov 2004 It is another poll, or rather set of polls. The NZ Stuff website got the voting in on 80s movies. In the SF category, Blade Runner came top (beating the second two Star Wars films, so obviously the voters have some taste), but when the winners of each category were put into a final poll, it was bloody E.T. that won out (having been classified as a family movie in the first polls). Stuff is a general news website with general readership, but E.T.? Ah well, stuff 'em.
29 Nov 2004 There is a substantial portion of BR fans who like the voiceover on the original release and it is a point worthy of discussion. However there are very few who think the tacked on happy ride-into-the-sunset ending is anything but naff. I suspect that in "Hero" the ending won't bring such stark criticism, but this TNR review nevertheless tacks on a list of a few movies with "unfortunate endings". You should definitely not be discouraged from watching Hero because of that - as the rest of the review says, this is a wonderful film. (Though I ponder the need for the US audience to need Tarantino to introduce it.) If you have not seen Hero yet, then please heed the author's warning and don't read Page 2 of the article.
28 Nov 2004 Back to design and architecture now with a reference to the Hotel Rivington, opening next Spring, being described as, "the kind of building Trump might erect on Rivington Street if his tastes ran more toward 'Blade Runner' than 'Dallas'". When a collection of designers started work on it, it was to be called the Surface Hotel, named after Surface magazine which is actually what this San Francisco Chronicle article is about.
26 Nov 2004 James Hong is as busy as ever. Seems like only a few weeks ago I was talking about what he was up to. The press release reports on his visit to the O-Mei Kung Fu Academy in Fremont and reports several interesting comments from him. What next? Well "We can look forward to seeing more of James Hong in the Bay Area as he plans his first animation event, "Man of a Thousand Faces," on Dec. 4 at the Cupuchino High School Theatre in San Bruno."
26 Nov 2004 The film "Immortal" based by Enki Bilal on his comic books is given widely differing reviews. I suspect this one by Jeet Heer for the National Post is perhaps the one BR fans should read. It is not just in philosophical comparison to Blade Runner that Jeet writes, but in that initial finding the audience who can take on the SF - philosophy - theology questioning that sits within this film. Future cult favourite or not? Only you can decide.
25 Nov 2004 "Man and machine, part 1 - the quest for mechanical man" by Dheera Sujan for Radio Nederland is a support article for the radio programme and well worth a read, but I recommend you listen to the programme itself (link provided within the article). It addresses much, starting with the age-old questions, the first being, what exactly do we want from a machine that simulates a human?
25 Nov 2004 With Summer film "I, Robot" out to buy in time for Christmas (of course), let us indulge in one more lament for what could have been - from Empire.
19 Nov 2004 If you are into computer games, you may well have played Halo and be one of the thousands flocking to play Halo 2. So how would it be if Ridley Scott directed a movie based on the Halo world? He has certainly been approached, but being Ridley, wants to create a world and is looking for a script that reflects depth of world and good storyline before committing to anything. But that is more than "No, I'm not interested." Check out IGN FilmForce and IGN Xbox for more.
12 Nov 2004 Nicholas Cage is the latest big Hollywood star to take on PKD. He has signed up to do "The Golden Man" although it will be called "Next". This is the story of a man who can see the future. Check it at FilmStew.
09 Nov 2004 The Scott bros - they know their commercial audience alright! Latest venture according to USA Today, is to create five short films for Amazon. The films are free to watch, so why not check out to see what the Scotts can do in internet original programming.
08 Nov 2004 Shanghai has oft been mentioned as typical example of BR L.A. 2019 come to the present. Question is, will it still be there in 2019? According to The Guardian, it is built on soft ground and is already sinking. If it continues to sink, it will in 2019 make a terrific film set for dystopian future films...
03 Nov 2004 Icons of Fright talks to Burton C. Bell, singer for Fear Factory. Nice to know "'Blade Runner' had a HUGE influence on me."
03 Nov 2004 James Hong has been in constant demand as an actor in all the years since BR, and has a most distinguished career. The "Career Seminar" in the third annual Delta Film Festival will feature Mr Hing himself and will focus on James Hong's work (480 film and television productions) as well as some acting seminars. The Manteca Bulleting talks about this and other matters. Read also
02 Nov 2004 The future doesn't just belong to L.A. ... Ever wondered what might be going on in New Zealand? Well probably not unless you live there. But the future will of course come there as everywhere else and "Progress" is a comic that looks into one possible future set there but of course good for anyone. It could easily be set in the same universe as BR. Check out the review.
01 Nov 2004 If you don't already have a set of PKD books, but are interested in the author who created the original story that underlies the film Blade Runner and are wondering where to start, then perhaps you would be interested in this collection of five of his best: Reviewed in Computer Crows Nest, "Five Great Novels by Philip Dick" is a volume that brings you 'The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch', 'Martian Time-Slip', 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep', 'Ubik' and 'A Scanner Darkly'. These really are the recommendations many come up with for getting into PKD, so this book is a terrific primer.
29 Oct 2004 The Des Moines Register has the sort of review of GitS 2 that both makes you think the author, who includes appropriate references to BR, knows what he is talking about, but is pandering to a readership that doesn't. So are you the sort of person that wants to engage their brain with films that posit fundamental philosophical questions, or would you choose to fill your head with cinematic pap?
29 Oct 2004 If you want to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses in Los Angeles in one day, then here is an itinerary for you. Of course this includes the Ennis-Brown house, used for the exterior shots and inspiring the interior set for Deckard's apartment.

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