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29 Mar 2005 Sin City. You've seen the trailers (if you haven't, stop messing about and go here). I'm looking forward to it. And I'll be including here some reviews that reference BR in some way. Weekly Dig. iFMagazine.
26 Mar 2005 Moscow. Insurance underwriters. Blade Runner. Sometimes people really do get carried away in likening episodes in life to BR. (But that's what I do to, so...) Sunday Herald
24 Mar 2005 Philip K. Dick finally gets inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Now located at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, this will be their first induction ceremony (May 6).
24 Mar 2005 What else can you buy to enjoy your Blade Runner DVD even more once you've explored Home Theater with surround sound? (And who hasn't...?) How about motion simulation? D-Box has the solution for you - covering over 400 movies. ecousitics tells us about the company and products.
23 Mar 2005 If you're in L.A. anytime before mid-April and want to take in a play, you might like to try 'Flow my Tears, The Policeman Said' - an adaptation of PKD's story. It is on at the Evidence Room and reviewed in City Beat.
22 Mar 2005 It isn't specifically related, but the new Battlestar Galactica series has sufficient references that draw directly from the Blade Runner type world and heritage that it is worth mentioning. And of course lead actor is Edward James Olmos, who played Gaff. Reason for mentioning it now is an interesting interview with Exec Producer David Eick. p.s. if it means anything, I think this is one of the best shows on TV.
21 Mar 2005 "Scent of a Robot" - what do you think of if someone says "a guy who finds out he is a robot". Yeah, even d-a-h's will think of this. Presentation Master explains in more detail.
20 Mar 2005 "Save The Green Planet" - if you haven't heard about this film, here is your chance to hear about it.
17 Mar 2005 High-end L.A. real estate - BR thoughts start quite quickly as L.A. 2019 really isn't all that far away now. This article is all about top-end houses in L.A ($5 million upwards) and somewhere along the line it includes the Blade Runner comparison. How? Why? Check it out for yourself. Sorry, but I am kinda in real estate mode at present...
15 Mar 2005 Otomo made Akira, and the West learned of Japnese anime. Akira was very much in the Blade Runner mould. So Otomo's new film, Steamboy, is eagerly anticipated. But as with Gibson's voyage into the past, (aka 'Steampunk'), Steamboy goes forward backwards (makes sense to me). The Village Voice might explain this a bit better.
10 Mar 2005 I had to include this as it is a sports review mentioning 'Blade Runner' that is actually referencing the film rather than a boat or ice hockey team, or...
10 Mar 2005 So you thought robots in everyday life was the stuff of Science Fiction? Not any more. 2005 is the year of the Robot, (well, at least it is in Japan). Read about it in the Washington Post.
09 Mar 2005 You simply couldn't have a film called "Robots" released without somebody comparing it to Blade Runner. Although in this Chicago Tribune review, it is the environment rather than the robots themselves that is being compared to BR. It is a fun film with a subtle adult undercurrent that is there for those who look closely.
08 Mar 2005 Latest city to be compared to the L.A. of BR is Chandigarh - in India. The comparison thoiugh is not the usual futuristic high-rise city look.
06 Mar 2005 The Argus Leader has excerpts from an interview with William Sanderson (who played J.F. Sebastian in BR) - mostly about his current role in TV series Deadwood.
03 Mar 2005 So how would PKD approach doing a film review? Perhaps by reviewing it in advance, as Film Four does with "A Scanner Darkly". It is a good preview though, so worth a read.
03 Mar 2005 New Order Pioneers Digital Posters. The band New Order is using interactive posters in HMV stores in London and Manchester to promote their new album. Cool. (Although probably more Minority report than Blade Runner.)
01 Mar 2005 Troubling news for the Frank Lloyd Wrght designed Ennis-Brown house (exterior location and internal inspiration for Deckard's apartment). Mudslide damage from the hill behind threatens the integrity of the house. Ongoing restoration is also compromised by sun damage. It was given a "red tag" (high risk), but is now back to a"yellow tag" according to North County Times. Followed up with an AP report e.g. in the Monterey Herald.
28 Feb 2005 "Four-year lifespan." No, not Replicants - I'm talking about a class action suit against HP saying their inkjet cartridges are programmed to fail after a certain time. HP says that there is a maximum lifetime to ensure quality of ink. (I wonder if the cartridges would start thinking for themselves if not terminated...) Read about it in NZ Stuff.
25 Feb 2005 Obscure references to BR get ever more obscure: 'If there had been a ballet in Ridley Scott's futuristic film noir, "Blade Runner," it might have looked like Marshall's elegant, dark and deeply emotive "Sleeping Beauty."' - so says the Tallahassee Democrat.
23 Feb 2005 The Village Broadsheet reports on a future underwater hotel that might just hint at a possibility that our future might not be mired in a dirty, cluttered BR world after all.
23 Feb 2005 Bruce Wallace of the Los Angeles Times compares and contrasts the two supremos of Japanese anime, Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Oshii. (Here's a hint - watch all of the films of both as they are all stupendous, but watch Miyazaki films with your kids and watch Oshii films with your mates or on your own.) The article also hints at that nagging feeling that if you have seen all their collective films to date, you might wonder if there is anything really new coming out of Japan now?
23 Feb 2005 BR showed a level of outside advertising later accentuated in films like Minority Report that has all too much likelihood of becoming reality. Indeed, already has to some extent. Technology Research News comments on this phenomenon of public space visual advertising clutter.
22 Feb 2005 KeaNeo stars in a new film, Constantine in which he fights the forces of evil in an alternate universe in great comic book fashion. But I feel taking the genre more seriously and perhaps even making a film worth watching. Here are a couple of reviews that mention the BR/Not BR effect: Up and Coming and Movie City News.
22 Feb 2005 It seems that artist Amy Globus is heavily influenced ny Syd Mead, Blade Runner And DADoES. Art Daily reports on 'Amy Globus: Electric Sheep at Nevada Museum of Art'. The exhibition is on until May 8th if you're interested.
21 Feb 2005 Syd Mead is apparently now "widely known" as "the father of contemporary visualization techniques". I don't disagree of course. It is Middle East Online that has given him such praise and it is in relation to his continuing efforts in helping Dubai become the City of the Future where it has been most aptly applied. Mead himself says ďI am here because of the unique excitement of seeing the future come true in Dubai. The Gulf is a fantastic example of how reality is catching up with the future as the size, scope and vision of some of the regionís projects clearly show. I am glad to become a part of the regionís phenomenal progress and contribute to the goals on the horizon."
06 Jan 2005 Vangelis composed the fabulous theme music for Blade Runner, of course, along with much other great stuff. His latest soundtrack is to Alexander. Read The Telegraph interview with him.

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