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Please note that most links are not revised. Although correct when originally written, the nature of news means that I cannot guarantee that any particular link will still be valid today.

30 Jun 2005 ChannelNewsAsia extracts the modern day political references from SF movies. At just what point is Padme Amidala just like Michael Moore? While the article rambles somewhat, including its almost-correct view of Blade Runner, it is still fascinating to see how some wonder about the political environment of our current world. Particularly those who in the USA are described as "leftist" but in the rest of the world are described as left of the current US regime, but still right of political centre, (with the associated implications of just how far right the Bush government sits in relation to the rest of the world). I won't mention comparisons to the German Nationalist government of the late 1930's.
30 Jun 2005 I have been keeping the Batman Begins references to an absolute minimum, but as it has been a while since I menioned it. I feel okay bringing you this intelligent review in Devine Media Enterprises. A lot of good things said, but I disagree with the conclusion. Michael Goldberger, I can tell you that while truth can certainly be found in beauty, it can also be found in darkness. Perhaps it helps one to appreciate that if that is the place where one lives.
27 Jun 2005 I am one of those strange geeks who was playing on the Internet even before Blade Runner happened (1982) and it is now 10 years since I created my first website. So I am naturally interested in articles like this on ZDnet that mentions that obscure fact that Java (the programmig language) was initially called WebRunner - after Blade Runner. Cool huh?
26 Jun 2005 Bob Newbell at Tech Central Station implies but doesn't quite say it - "the future isn't what it used to be" became reality when "the future" was destroyed by Blade Runner. This is, of course the future of 50's, 60's and even 70's SF that old gits like me remember and looked forward to. Robots would look after you, everything would be clean, nobody would hunger or be exploited. Blade Runner crapped all over that idea. So that those younger ones of you who were brought up with Blade Runner and its like can now say that the future is becoming exactly like it used to be.
25 Jun 2005 Here is one of the little stories about movies and real life that has a vague reference to BR that I bring you to make this more than just a page of the latest SF movie looking like Blade Runner. About small video stores, Bogart, HF and real life characters. In the NY Times.
24 Jun 2005 Quite a few people are mentioning the Charlize Theron comment (actually made some time ago), that "There is more to Aeon than just revealing outfits and 'Blade Runner'-style futuristic action." She is of course talking about Aeon Flux. Who she's playing - and the city 400 years in the future. If you don't know what I mean, educate yourself.
24 Jun 2005 What is AI? Well, many have asked this question as does Daniel Punch on Self SEO. And of course, it is not unusual they will reference Blade Runner.
23 Jun 2005 Businesswire reports: Rutger Hauer Signs ZAP's eBay Charity Auction Smart Car. Rutger is a fan of the Smart Car and uses one himself in conjunction with his customized motor home when on the road during productions. A few days left on the auction, (but you'll need upwards of 30,000 to spend...) [Update: It sold for $35,350.]
09 Jun 2005 I don't want to load up the BR news with too many of the obvious references of the new Batman Begins Gotham City to the L.A. 2019 of BR, so here is one moderately intelligent review that makes the comparison. And one more and one last one. With Bale, Caine, Hauer, Neeson, Oldman, Holmes, Watanabe, Freeman and more and a Nolan/Goyer script with direction by Nolan, this automatically has to be a better than average film. I happen to think it is what Batman was always meant to be. Batman Begins is a Comic-Book film for grown-ups.
09 Jun 2005 What do you remember about 1982 (assuming you are old enough to remember anything!)? Probably not a whole lot of things apart from going to see Blade Runner at the cinema. Walace Baine talks of one of the other two things he remembers from that year - Marshall Crenshaw.
08 Jun 2005 "Rock & Rule" Cranks it Up to Eleven - so says Toon Zone and actually so do I as I immediately bought the DVD of this classic 1983 animated movie with rock music akin to "Heavy Metal" (but as the article says, infinitely less famous). They also recommend BR fans check it out. Basically, if you like any one or more of Heavy Metal, Blade Runner, Early 80s music in general or Pink Floyd's The Wall in particular, then you should at least give it a look (and listen).
07 Jun 2005 Jeannie Epper was the stuntwoman who doubled Lynda Carter as Wonderwoman and you may have seen her recently as the Preacher's Wife in Kill Bill. And once upon a time, she was a stuntwoman in Blade Runner (uncredited). Now she appears in Double Dare - a film about Hollywood stuntwomen. ign reports.
07 Jun 2005 This shows that you do not have to be an SF fan to enjoy a visit to the SF museum in Seattle, (where Blade Runner is one of the 'Cities of Tomorrow'). And more, that the SF of the past is not just integral to our entertainment heritage, but in many cases has become integrated into present day culture.
06 Jun 2005 I have mentioned William Sanderson (J.F.) in Deadwood before, but it was a while ago, so here is another AP article about him.
06 Jun 2005 Getting a balanced perspective is always tricky in any emotive subject. Scott's Kingdom of Heaven tries to find that path. Like BR and some other of Scott's films, the character(s) seeking meaning in life is evident. And this article also makes connections to certain current political leaders who could do to be less ignorant and have more balance.
31 May 2005 New film 'The Island' is likely to be mentioned a few times in Blade Runner circles in the coming months. It involves cloning and the eternal "What does it mean to be human" question. Interesting comment made by writer Alex Kurtzman in multi-interview with Dark Horizons. After being asked if there was any PKD in the film, he said no, but then went on to say, "Blade Runner was equally, deeply in our consciousness from childhood, so there's got to be Philip K. Dick." That is why nowadays we need to be careful in drawing direct comparisons to BR - because it is embedded in our social consciousness now - and not just for fans of the film either - it has been woven into the fabric of the world we now inhabit.
30 May 2005 I've mentioned the "Scent of a Robot" video before, but this more extensive Digital Producer article contains not only pictures, but the actual music video itself. The song by Pete Miser is about an office worker who accidentally discovers he is a robot. With some inspiration from Blade Runner, the song is amusing and yet still contains those existential questions. The video by UVPHACTORY is excellent.
28 May 2005 Although looking like a review of "I Am Alive And You Are Dead" by Emmanuel Carrère - about PKD, the article turns out to be more of a potted history of PKD's life.
26 May 2005 Frame City Killer looks like becoming a game for the Xbox 360 that may appeal to fans of Blade Runner. Future city, lone cop, chasing a terrorist rather than replicants, but as he can't trust anyone including fellow cops, the game looks like it will require more than just action - some stealth and subtle thinking may be essential.
05 May 2005 The only article (piece of writing) I'll mention regarding the British election. It isn't so much about the election per se (and given that the result is a foregone conclusion, who really cares), this is more about the whole concept of the British election campaign, particularly in contrast to the American election campaign. With an amusing reference to Blade Runner, this is: "Now that's what I call democracy" - I recommend reading the whole thing.
05 May 2005 The Ridley Scott interview about Kingdom of Heaven: Multi-journalist interview with slightly different flavours of presentation in JoBlo and Dark Horizons.
30 Apr 2005 The NYT has an article on just why Star Wars is Space Opera and Blade Runner is Science Fiction and how damaging it is that Lucas even made SW meets the Care Bears (the 3rd SW movie), let alone prostitute himself to make the prequel trilogy. (Okay I'm biased. I am only that way because really good SF is about people and how they deal with science, technology and other significant future or other-time things that affect people. The 80s and 90s had precious little real SF films and that had quite a lot to do with SW.)
29 Apr 2005 There are not going to be many comparisons between The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Blade Runner except, like this one, to say how different two SF films can be. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't rush out there to go see it!
26 Apr 2005 There is undoubtedly going to be a lot of hype in the next few months about the latest Star Wars SF Fantasy movie. I'm not expecting any more than the last two, (which isn't much), but I do admire George Lucas for what he once was. And there is a hint that with the completion of SW he may be veering back towards the George Lucas who made the Real Science Fiction film THX 1138. Wired Magazine has possibly the only article you need to read about Lucas right now (and I suggest you do).
24 Apr 2005 The Kansas City Star highlights - "A fascinating experiment in propagation, digital genetics, conceptual art and mutating screensavers". The site is well worth a visit! Now nominated for a Webby award.
24 Apr 2005 Kim Smee talks about the difficulties of being an Arts student instead of doing Science (or anything useful...) and just why the "symbolism of the white dove in the final scenes of Blade Runner, the director's cut" is so important. Almost like the need to know where your towel is.
24 Apr 2005 More on the Ennis-Brown house in the New York Times. You don't have a couple of million dollars to help save the place do you? No, me neither.
23 Apr 2005 If you're looking for a PC game set in a BR/Cyberpunk type world (new tech grafted onto the old), you like a bit of action, but need the RPG element, then Restricted Area might just be the game for you.
21 Apr 2005 The Mississippi Sun Herald has an interview with William Sanderson (J.F.) concentrating mostly on his life.
18 Apr 2005 Preservation Online has an update on the problems affecting the Ennis-Brown House (part location part set inspiration for Deckard's apartment). I reported earlier this year on the mud slides caused by heavy rain that resulted in the house being closed to the public. This of course reduces revenue, which is desperately needed for an already expensive restoration program resulting from age and damage caused by the 1994 quake.
18 Apr 2005 Here is the perfect article for the Blade Runner fan seriously into the questions that arise out of the story. In particular, the nature of memory and photographs. Is the memory real? Is the photograph real? Does the photograph represent real memory or is it replacing the memory?
16 Apr 2005 If there is any chance you can be in Carlisle in England at the end of May, you will want to know about their first film festival. And if you can be there on the 30th (the last day), you'll probably want to vote for which popular film is screened. The selection includes Blade Runner, so here's your chance!
14 Apr 2005 If you would like to know about Sir Ridley Scott and his films, Channel 4 has a 'masterclass' on him (i.e. some bio details, review of his film catalogue and the odd quotes). A good reference article for all.
07 Apr 2005 Although he has now made another big historical epic, Sir Ridley is of course better known to most of us for his SF contribution - not only Blade Runner, but Alien as well. In a brief taster of a to-be-published interview, The Movie Reporter at IESB tells what Scott answered when asked 'would he return to do another Alien film?' Initial tart response was, "The studio should've asked me to direct the sequel, Aliens, in the first place!" but he added that 'given a good script and solid story he would consider returning to the franchise.' IMHO it would take a miracle for that to happen, but how about creating yet another amazing SF world? I can see that.
06 Apr 2005 GameSpy has a long interview with Louis Castle, co-founder of Westwood Studios (that created the Blade Runner PC game). Doesn't talk about that particular game though. EA bought Westwood Studios (along with the, etc. domains which it annoyingly renewed last year despite having no site attached.)
06 Apr 2005 Top Shelf's new SF comic book series called 'The Surrogates'. It is written by who lists DADoES as one of the influences - because it is among those books that "use futuristic settings to raise serious questions about today's world", which is what he is trting to do. Read about it in CBR before its debut at the next Comic-Con.
05 Apr 2005 Here is an interesting-sounding new SF television programme - a South African - Canadian collaboration called Charlie Jade. It starts with overt homage to Blade Runner. Robert Wertheimer, (co-creator and exec producer), says, "We felt we had to pay homage to Ridley Scott and Blade Runner at the very, very beginning in order to set the tone. An homage to someone who broke new ground, because the entire series was dedicated to breaking new ground." Read the article at the National Post or Macleans.
05 Apr 2005 Outdoor digital advertising posters - part of an SF future that is rapidly becoming (at least partly) reality. The technology has arrived in realistically commercial applications and the moving digital poster is making its way out into the world, (with extras), but with an ad industry that isn't necessarily convinced that saturation would work. MediaWeek examines the state of play.
01 Apr 2005 Life, death and existence. Tech Central Station probes the future and questions What is life. Fascinating article. Check it out.

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