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Please note that most links are not revised. Although correct when originally written, the nature of news means that I cannot guarantee that any particular link will still be valid today.

20 Mar 2007 It seems that Izzy Camilleri's latest fashion collection is blade-runneresque. So says the Edmonton Journal.
20 Mar 2007 "300" is a wonderful spectacle. It doesn't matter what you think of the story or the acting or the critics' views, go see it for the spectacle - on as big a screen as you can. The L.A. Times has a view on why you should just go see it. BTW, when I went to see it, the cinema wasn't full of "scruffy guys", it was actually mainly filled with young couples. So take your girlfriend (or boyfriend) ... you'll have a wonderful evening.
19 Mar 2007 While I want to try to avoid stupid US politics on this page, I can't ignore the reuse of Ridley's 1984 "Big Brother" ad to parody Hilary Clinton. The Independent has an article about it and here is the YouTube video.
15 Mar 2007 This is another tangential connection to Blade Runner, but when I ask you to read "ALEVIATING YOUR TOXIC BODY BURDEN: THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE EXPERIMENTS WITH "GREEN CHEMISTRY"." in the California Progress Report, I do so because this is exactly the sort of thing that Philip K Dick was worried about.
13 Mar 2007 Even people who have no interest in fashion should still know who Dame Vivienne Westwood is. The connection to BR is tenuous in this story, but I include it because I want to.
11 Mar 2007 Jean Baudrillard has died. At least I think he has. For those not familiar with him, he theorized about us perceiving the depiction of reality being more real than what it depicted. The simulacrum - a copy - being preferred to real life. Or to put it another way, the Replicant being "more human than human". Or perhaps even more, the idea of living in The Matrix. I love the game (or non-game) he played. If you have no idea what I'm on about, please at least read this LA Times article on the man.
10 Mar 2007 The Guardian has a quick review of novel "Being". "On going in for a routine endoscopy at his local hospital, he discovers that what he feels and appears to be is not what he actually is on the inside."
Similarities to BR are obvious.
09 Mar 2007 What of the inspiration of BR? No small thing to many people. Inspiration enough to write in the same vein? Perhaps. The NY Daily News highlights where we might look for such inspiration.
08 Mar 2007 Interesting thought - what light fixtures do you think would work in your apartment? Would you ever think about Blade Runner before installing anything? How do these lights work in your apartment/house?
08 Mar 2007 The Hollywood Reporter reports on the 25th annual Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film - 25 years after the death of Philip K Dick, the festival's guest of honor will be Syd Mead, the industrial designer who influenced the look of sci-fi classics "Blade Runner," "Aliens" and "Tron."
Official festival site.
07 Mar 2007 "Robotic age poses ethical dilemma - An ethical code to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa, is being drawn up by South Korea." Reported by the BBC, South Korea is drawing up The Robot Ethics Charter to cover standards for users and manufactuers of robots. And so it begins...
Follow-up analysis.
03 Mar 2007 The festival's guest of honor will be Syd Mead, the industrial designer who influenced the look of sci-fi classics "Blade Runner," "Aliens" and "Tron".
27 Apr 2007 Joanna Cassidy's website has an interesting piece of news - I quote, "Joanna has just finished re-shooting her scenes from the original BLADE RUNNER movie.  Joanna is wearing her original outfit (which she kept over from the first production).  These new scenes will be part of the upcoming special BLADE RUNNER DVD re-release." "Her scenes" should be read as reshooting elements of certain shots to improve quality and get better continuity, not changing any storyline. filmick has even more detail.
01 Mar 2007 OC Weekly review of PKD's 'new' non-SF novel, Voices from the Street.
26 Feb 2007 At the Home Theater Forum Live Chat with Warner Home Video, Warner had these comments on the big Blade Runner SE release this year:
- "The Tyrell Corporation is furiously working away on a release to knock your socks off before the holiday season. The contents are still being formulated. All the different iterations of the film will be available, including the new FINAL CUT. We think you'll be very pleased, and it will have been worth the wait!"
- "Given all our activity around BLADE RUNNER, which is one of our biggest, if not the biggest event of this year for our group, we have discussed various ideas to maximize the large catalog of Mr. Ford's films which we control."
- "There will be a lot more HD product announced (HD-DVD and Blu Ray Disc) by us in the next few weeks. We hope you'll be pleased. It is our intention to have the BLADE RUNNER releases all contain the same content, regardless of format."
25 Feb 2007 Even more obscure reference of the week: "When I am finally done, Suzie, the very nice make-up lady asks for my card and promises she'll watch her boyfriend's DVD of Blade Runner so she can learn to do Japanese robot eyes for me." "LAist Does Some Pre-Oscars Schwag Haging". Okay...
21 Feb 2007 Obscure reference of the week is in this FiringSquad entry on the current state of PC cooling and we're not talking just fans: "Considering thermal output has more than quadrupled, I am not surprised so many current coolers resemble the cityscape of Blade Runner."
20 Feb 2007 Is this The Future? It was a quarter of a century ago that I first played on the Internet, watched Blade Runner at the cinema, got my first computer (to play games...). So this is certainly retrospectively 'a' future. When I created my first website back in 1995, I excitedly subtitled it, "The Future Is Now" - a statement which is ironically very old. But it seemed like the future to me. Cynicism set in and I switched to, "The Future isn't what it used to be", eventually (as cynicism was proved correct) to be replaced by, "The Future never was what it used to be." I could be positive and say, "The Future is what we make it" - dream a good dream, plan how to make it come true and then work hard *now* to create it. But my cynicism has hardened, so my current observation is, "The Future will be the same old shit, but with cooler toys." "I am George Jetson" is an article in the NY Observer looking at whatever happened to The Future.
15 Feb 2007 If one reviews a noodle restaurant, then why not mention Blade Runner? However, I include this Orange County Weekly review not simply for the BR reference - I just found it somewhat surreal.
14 Feb 2007 Ever been interested in owning the costumes made for your favourite movies? How about then making a business out of them? That is what Stephen Lane did with The Prop Store Of London. The Sun reports on what is both a hobby and a business. He has owned such outfits as the red T-X suit (from T3) and Rachael's fur coat from BR.
11 Feb 2007 "True global cities make you dream about the future" - headline on an LA Times article about what differentiates the true global city from the wannabes. Los Angeles has long since staked its claim and Shanghai is well on the way. So how does one define which city has made it? Interesting addition to perceptions is the SF near-future view - like Blade Runner and Snow Crash set in L.A. of course. And Neal Stephenson's sequel (The Diamond Age) is set in and near Shanghai. (Since these, Neal has disappeared into the present and the past, rather than future novels.) More to the point, what cities do you think will be the global centres of business and culture in ten years time?
08 Feb 2007 GamePro has an interview with Phil Wilson, producer for Real Time Worlds' upcoming Xbox 360 game Crackdown. Asked about the "graphic-novel style", Phil listed big influences of Matrix and Blade Runner, with visual art style influenced by Blood: The Last Vampire.
29 Jan 2007 "While pedestrians ambled to the lake above, dramatic openings would bring shafts of natural light to cars racing below, "Blade Runner"-style, in a noir vision that seems right out of L.A." - yes it is another proposed cityscape change as described in the Chicago Tribune.
26 Jan 2007 Apart from the assault of noise I mentioned some posts back, there is also the increasing visual assault. The big BR-type screens in cities, the big screen billboards along highways, the TV screens everywhere we go. The Huffington Post voices an opinion on this subject.
26 Jan 2007 At IGN, Casey Hudson, Project Director at BioWare talks about new future combat game "Mass Effect". 200 years in the future Commander Shepard fights the ancient, intelligent machines. Interesting is that he wants to capture the atmosphere we see in films like Alien, ST II and Blade Runner, not just visually, but with the full orchestral sound of such as Jerry Goldsmith and Vangelis.
26 Jan 2007 In Blade Runner there is Cityspeak. In Star Trek we have Klingon, etc. In LotR, Tolkien created a whole set of languages, some of which make it into the films. Tonight looks at some other invented languages in films.
26 Jan 2007 The Ranger college paper reports on a talk by Edward James Olmos at McAllister Fine Arts Center. Sharing the message he has long promoted (which I wholeheartedly share) - "We are all one race". (Would that include Replicants, I wonder...)
22 Jan 2007 The New York Daily News extends a tentative hope that we are finally getting more intelligent SF films being made, not just the rare occurrence they've been for years.
22 Jan 2007 CGI - sometimes adding neatly to a creation and sometimes totally undermining it. BR was made with great sets, models and mattes to create the world of the future. James Cameron's next project will use extensive "photo-realistic" CGI to create his future and alien worlds. Will it be "seamless" or just artificial? PopMatters takes a look at CGI (or not).
21 Jan 2007 The newest tallest building - is it going up in Dubai or is it going up in Shanghai? The Observer checks out "Blade Runner: The Cocktail Party" in an examination of the super-rich in modern China. In stark contrast (in best Cyberpunk way), the ground level BR-city comparison is made by the L.A. Times in a look at Tepito - the "barrio bravo" of Mexico City.
20 Jan 2007 Is the world becoming too loud? Movies, city entertainment district, bars, etc. Is the busy street scene in BR the sound of the future, or indeed, the sound of now? The Paramus Post turns up the volume.
18 Jan 2007 Newest tallest building going up? The latest review of what is happening in 21st Century Dubai in USA Today.
12 Jan 2007 Many hold up the BR L.A. 2019 as dystopian vision and talk of avoiding letting our own cities become like that, even though (or perhaps because) many are already well on their way. In the BR OV, the much maligned "Happy Ending" has Deckard and Rachael driving into a Shining land of forests and fresh air. And yet... are they really driving to a happier place? Does closer inspection of the city actually show lots of busy people out and about enjoying life? Taffey's Snakepit Bar is certainly a happening place. Would Tyrell or JF really want to leave the city? Is it really dystopia at all or simply a not-utopia? It is easy to find the negative in any big city, but not everyone would be happier elsewhere. Seattlepi has an article that warns of the perils of moving away from the city - think twice about that dystopian vision.
11 Jan 2007 You are probably aware of Children of Men - the Science Fiction film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine. The Nashville Scene has an interview with Alfonso wherein he expresses views on the film, filmmaking and migration, particularly in the USA. Also mentions (again) that Blade Runner is a great film, but Children of Men is very much not about the big city, futuristic cars and hi-tech. That is not to say the influence of BR isn't there in more subtle ways.
08 Jan 2007 No surprise to hear lots of HD DVD talk at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including announcements of hundreds of films being released in this format in 2007. It was confirmed that Blade Runner would be one of them, but no specific release date was given.

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