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Please note that most links are not revised. Although correct when originally written, the nature of news means that I cannot guarantee that any particular link will still be valid today.

30 Jun 2007 Lists of "best" SF movies are always questionable, but "The Speculist" comes up with one worth looking at, not least because BR is number one...
29 Jun 2007 Popular Mechanics has a great article of why Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) thinks that after 25 years, the special F/X of Blade Runner still stand out.
29 May 2007 Metromix (of Chicago Tribune) has an interesting interview with Rutger Hauer.
29 May 2007 Should social robots look humanoid? Should they interpolate humanoid expressions? Should they behave as humans? STLtoday questions how human a robot should appear and includes the views of several doing the research/creation of home and office robots.
28 May 2007 Do you know Lisa Ling or Paul Song? No, neither do I and neither do I know, except for it reporting that the afforementioned couple have got married. Of course I wish them all the best. But the point of the story is they got married at Union Station in L.A. which as you (should) know was used as the set for the police station in BR. If you have read every bit of this website, you know that Union Station is currently hired out for weddings, so if you are in California and want a BR-related wedding, you know where to go. Of course, if you are there for any reason, send me the photos! I have infinite space on this website, so I'll happily post your pictures.
25 May 2007 "Paprika" looks to me like an anime worth looking out for. Satoshi Kon directs this "brainy sci-fi piece", or as Slate says, "Paprika's story line combines elements of Blade Runner and Wim Wenders' strange apocalyptic fantasy Until the End of the World, both of which imagined the damage that could be wrought by a machine that invades human memories and dreams." The machine in question is stolen and used to control people's minds in a way that seems very Dickian. The BR influence is no coincidence as Northwest Asian Weekly comments that "Kon gratefully acknowledges one observer’s view of his filmmaking as a blend of Hello Kitty and science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick, whose work inspired “Blade Runner” and “Total Recall,” among others." Kon also directed one of my favourite animes -"Perfect Blue" - a film that shows anime can indeed handle the psychological thriller if done right.
25 May 2007 This nzherald opinion piece seems to be aimed at proving the future is written by the pessimists of SF and how some of those visions are partially upon us now. Not that I particularly disagree with that... It starts with Brave New World and 1984, then segues into Blade Runner. The world of BR is certainly partially our world now, but as Paul Thomas points out, some parts are still way in the future. However, the robotics part is not nearly so far distant as implied in this article. Remote controlled robots are already out there. Bio-microbe artificial creations are already in labs, as well as early androids ... and it is only 2007. Incidentally, it would be terribly nice if people, (especially professional journalists), would spell Deckard's name correctly. Oh and I disagree with one part - "science plays God" - No, science doesn't do anything - a particular individual, who is a scientist, plays God. There is a very significant difference.
24 May 2007 Are you interested in a gritty, futuristic NY populated by Cyborgs? Romanticized sleaze, robots and decay, cyborg hookers, drugs and dystopia? Sounds like fun! Well, this is the comicbook world of 24seven, a world inspired by NCY Mech. As reported by PLAYBACK:stl.
23 May 2007 The Hollywood Reporter lets us know of Warner Bros. aims to bring the best restoration detail possible to some of their catalog of films. Chris Cookson (president head tech guy at Warners) emphasises they want to aim at 4k definition rather than 2k. Basically the 2k master simply does not have all the detail originally filmed, whereas, for example the negative for Blade Runner was scanned at 4k. (This refers to 4000 lines of scanning resolution, which gives FOUR times the resolution of 2k.) With the latest restoration tools, this underlines how the ultimate high definition version of Blade Runner should be even more visually stunning than any previous version. Our only concern would be the danger of models and props being more evident - but of course extra work has gone into making them less evident, so hopes are high. High-Def DVD releases will be 1080p. Note: This should also enhance the standard DVD picture.
19 May 2007 Blogcritics Magazine picks up on a new SF series to be broadcast completely online in "webisodes". Created by a number of people that have worked on Stargate over the years, the quality apparent in the trailer certainly seems quite high. As does a certain BR atmosphere. One of the elements that being on the Web provides is the level of direct feedback the audience can provide. Cost of $1.99 for a 17 minute episode may well be a workable web model if the show can get a dedicated base audience. As Amanda Tapping, exec producer and one of the stars says, "I feel like we're riding the crest of an amazing wave."
18 May 2007 High-Def Digest reports, "In a new promotional flyer housed inside next week's HD DVD release of 'Ultimate Matrix Collection,' Warner is touting an October arrival date for the highly-anticipated upcoming next-gen release of 'Blade Runner.'" The date listed on the flyer is October 2007, (for HD DVD).
17 May 2007 In Battlestar Galactica, when they do eventually get to Earth, will it look like Blade Runner? Grace Park has some interesting thoughts to share on this and other subjects with the NY Post.
17 May 2007 One of the funniest things I've heard in ages: Before BR, Rutger Hauer was in Nighthawks where (of course) he totally acted Sylvester Stallone off the screen. In Hauer's new memoirs, he records how he had to warn Stallone that he might have to "break your fucking balls" - and I bet he would have if Stallone had continued being stupid. Read about it in Radar.
17 May 2007 Here are the latest images of the Honda Fuya-Jo car - which would not look out of place in BR's L.A. 2019.
15 May 2007 This would be a link to a story about PKD and BR, but the infinitely stupid guardians of the website have asterisked out any refererence to "Dick", calling him Philip K. *****. Anyone who is so extremely stupid that they can't differentiate between somebody's name and a (quite-frankly not very offensive) slang word should be shot. They certainly don't get my link.
"I'm impatient with stupidity. My people have learned
to live without it."
- The Day the Earth Stood Still
15 May 2007 Movies Online claims knowledge of features of the Blade Runner 5-Disc Special Edition.
14 May 2007 Details of what could be on the Australian 5-Disk set have been released by Check the BR:SE News Page for full details.
Note: 17 MAY - the store's page is temporarily unavailable while they finalise the deal with their supplier, but should return shortly. They assure us the details were accurate, so check out our page.
10 May 2007 The Hollywood Reporter mentions that the Visual Effects Society has released their list of what they view as the "50 most-influencial visual effects films of all time". Of course the "experts" have named Star Wars in their top spot. Blade Runner is named second. ""2001: A Space Odyssey" and "The Matrix" tied for third, and "Jurassic Park" came in at No. 5. The top 10 is rounded out by "Tron," "King Kong" (1933 version), "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "Alien" and "The Abyss."" VES 50 page (PDF) is here. (Ridley Scott's "Alien" also makes the Top 50.)
10 May 2007 The Prague Post (not often I get to quote them!) has an article on "Renaissance" - an anime movie that I've reported on before that has some similarities to Blade Runner. Do you want to buy the DVD?
10 May 2007 Microsoft's Visual Earth and Google Earth are excellent examples of 21st Century technology. Latest is to view cities in 3D - to fly through a city on your computer as if in a spinner from BR. Take Swindon for example.
09 May 2007 Tropical oceanside landscape compared to Blade Runner? Unfortunately not a pleasant comparison as Broward-Palm Beach New Times describes Singer Island beachfront as ugly ossified towers.
09 May 2007 LA Times delves into the person of Edward James Olmos. Those of you who don't know him beyond BR certainly need to read this. Those of you who know a little of him might still learn more about the person beyond the actor.
09 May 2007 I wouldn't normally even provide a link to a comment on Windows Vista on this forum as I don't much care (until I buy my next computer). But here's a thought - is the "Home" version worth having? Or to put it another way, can it handle your BR DVD? ZDNet has the answer. Or do they?
09 May 2007 How is Tim Duncan like Harrison Ford? Bill Simmons of ESPN Magazine wants to tell you.
09 May 2007 January Magazine comments on SF and echoes the NY Times particularly on how PKD now seems to have reached the mainstream. The International Herald Tribune picks up on the same article.

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