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30 Sep 2007 The 25th Anniversary Blade Runner Final Cut showed in NY at the Film Festival last night. Reviews: Cinema Blend's reviewer never saw BR before, so offers that perspective.
29 Sep 2007 The 25th Anniversary Blade Runner Final Cut is showing in NY at the Film Festival tonight. Let me know if you were there and what it was like.
28 Sep 2007 Kurt Loder writes (for MTV) a brief history of, and looks forward to the Blade Runner Final Cut. If you want a quick catchup of it all, I can say this guy knows what he's talking about. (Perhaps he reads But I have to say, I do love my Vangelis BR soundtrack album.
28 Sep 2007 D-Cinema has a press release from Technicolor Digital Cinema which is about their sponsorship of the New York Film Festival and their significant role in the restoration of the Blade Runner film. Also at Business Wire.
27 Sep 2007 Variety looks at Alan Ladd Jr. and production company - the Ladd Co. who "paved the way for indies" and mentions about their promotion of BR, "The film was also one of the first to be marketed according to the "Star Wars" model, now standard in the industry, targeting specific audiences - such as sci-fi, fantasy geeks - from early on."
Update 28th: Alan Ladd Jr. gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. See AP Report.
27 Sep 2007 The LA Times looks at "Blade Runner: Take 3" with comments from RS, etc. By now, if you've been paying attention, you won't find anything new here, but you might still like to read it. And if you haven't been paying attention, this will help you catch up.
27 Sep 2007 John Alvin is the famous artist who has designed some of the most awesome of movie posters. tells us that ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery in Reston Virginia is one of three in the world to get to show art used in the making of the official poster for the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Celebration. What you want to know though is, "In addition, a new limited edition has just been released in conjunction with the special edition dvd of Blade Runner that will also be in the show."
27 Sep 2007 I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing the new "Bionic Woman" (in similar fashion to Battlestar Galactica, it is 21st Century, darker TV with at least some BR fans behind the production). Well, I watched it last night and was not disappointed. Not perfect of course, but they got right on with it, introducing the bionification, main characters, even within the first episode getting to her first fight with her nemesis - two hot, bionic women slugging it out on rooftops in the pouring rain... Ah yes. Based on just the one episode, I would recommend most BR fans give it a try! Other views: LA Times, Globe and Mail, Washington Post, meevee.
27 Sep 2007 Wired interviews Sir Ridley Scott extensively about Blade Runner. On an extended version, Wired kindly provides the FULL interview transcript AND audio. And because Wired really likes to get beyond the obvious, they ALSO have a wonderfully extensive Before and After BR influences section. art, architecture, films, TV, games, robotics, fashion, culture, etc. DO look at this!
26 Sep 2007 Big advertising screens in cities and alongside motorways are no longer just fiction, but you ain't seen nothin' yet ... Reuters reports on adverts the size of three football pitches that people can see from the air when coming in to land at airports. It is just a matter of time for them to become moving images. This isn't a maybe - the first big picture will be on the ground at Dubai next month.
25 Sep 2007 So what were you doing 20 years ago? Well, maybe you were looking forward to seeing the first episode of Star Trek The Next Generation? I am shocked it is two decades ago! Entertainment Weekly has an article with memories of a number of the people involved. I found it interesting that Robert H. Justman (first series producer) said to Gene Roddenberry in October 1986 after they saw Aliens, "Jesus Christ, Gene, that was a great picture! But have you ever seen Blade Runner?'" And [Gene said] "What's that?" He didn't know what Blade Runner was! I said, "You'd better take a look at that." Only mere weeks later, Gene said he wanted to do the new Star Trek. Now, of course, I'm not saying Blade Runner was responsible in any way for ST:TNG getting made, but...
24 Sep 2007 "If Harrison Ford were to star in a sequel to 1982's 'Blade Runner', the film's producers wouldn't need to use computer-generated images to create a futuristic backdrop. They could film in any number of Chinese cities." Bloomberg looks at Stephen Green's concept of "China Years" - i.e. the comparative rate of economic development in China - the cities developing approximately four times faster than in the US or the UK. (I say 'the cities' because, as the article points out, this measure is necessarily regional.)
23 Sep 2007 The New York Times has an article on the reimagined "Bionic Woman" television series, with comments by David Eick on the philosophy of the show. He was responsible for the new Battlestar Galactica so I hope this 21st Century version of the Cyborg TV show will deliver what BR fans might hope!
21 Sep 2007 Russian C-News tells us, "Production of androids able to carry out various services up to mining operations will be launched in Russia in 2008." Android Robotics was founded in 2004. Its first production androids are small scale and are mainly being used in education, but they have big plans for the future.
20 Sep 2007 The Hollywood Reporter delves into the restoration and remastering of the Blade Runner Final Cut. It lists and talks to many of those dedicated people who did all the hard work of cleaning, resolution, colour, effects, matte depth, audio, etc. Also comments on the refilming of Joanna Cassidy to match her face onto the stuntperson crashing through the plate glass windows, (we had high hopes of this being fixed!)
15 Sep 2007 If you know your Blade Runner background, you are probably familiar with Sir Run Run Shaw - one of the investors in the film and a major figure in Hong Kong and beyond. In a few weeks time (4th October), he turns 100!! Not quite so sprightly, but still Chairman of Shaw Brothers, he appeared on TV this week to present the annual Shaw Prize to four distinguished scientists. Forbes asks who will run his multi-billion media empire after him.
14 Sep 2007 Readers of this site will be no stranger to the films made of PKD's works, or his visions of the future. In a sense, his legacy will keep feeding Hollywood for years to come. But how about a different view of that legacy - that of his family. "Philip K. Dick's children work to ensure the influential author's cinematic legacy" - an article on calendarlive looks at how the family are now keeping careful watch over the PKD legacy.
14 Sep 2007 If you're a fan of TV series Numb3rs (produced by Tony and Ridley Scott), or indeed a fan of Tony's directing, you may be interested to know that the first episode of the new season, (28th September in the USA), will be directed by Tony Scott.
14 Sep 2007 Entertainment Weekly has a stark interview with Sean Young. "'I'm not Julia Roberts,' she says, certain of her thwarted destiny. 'And I could have been.'"
12 Sep 2007 Like John (see below), Karen Brooks at couriermail is also asking the difficult questions. The future has started. What is humanity and how does the application of technology affect the answer?
05 Sep 2007 John Whitehead writes a commentary at The Rutherford Institute titled, "Blade Runner: What Does It Mean to Be Human?" In the light of recent reports that scientists are much closer than we think to actually creating artificial life from scratch (as opposed to cloning for example), the central questions of Blade Runner are ever more relevant and pressing.
04 Sep 2007 Cinematical also wades into the tide against Scott's recent "SF is dead" comment as does At this point I really have to assume he said it partly just for the publicity; (he was an ad-man after all). Having seen the three main stories - the SF comment, the moan about people watching movies on tiny screens and the actual showing of the Blade Runner Final Cut - paraded in news sources around the world ad infinitum, I'm done talking about Ridley in Venice. (I wade through all this stuff so you don't have to! Get your essential BR news here at
02 Sep 2007 New "Blade Runner" cut is how it should have been - Reuters reports on the showing of Blade Runner Final Cut at the Venice Film Festival. Includes Ridley Scott comments from the press conference.
31 Aug 2007 Paul Howlett at The Guardian also finds Sir Ridley Scott's recent sweeping generalisation about SF films as going too far. We know there aren't enough really good SF films in the past quarter century, but that doesn't mean there are none.
30 Aug 2007 Speaking at the Venice Film Festival where the Blade Runner Ultimate Edition is being shown, Sir Ridley Scott has said that Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns. According to The Times, "Scott believes that the genre is so tired and unoriginal that it may be dead." "Sir Ridley said that science fiction films were going the way the Western once had. “There’s nothing original. We’ve seen it all before. Been there. Done it,” he said. Asked to pick out examples, he said: “All of them. Yes, all of them.”" Also reported at Metro. Whether to court controversy, publicity or simply being out of touch with "Real SF", I dismiss Scott's comments as being far too simplistic.
30 Aug 2007 Do you think Nissan's Mixim all-electric concept car is BladeRunnerish? See a picture at engadget.
30 Aug 2007 If you want to see Syd Mead talk about advanced concept art, then head to the //ADAPT 2007 Conference in Montreal, Sep 24-28. See VFX World or AWN.
28 Aug 2007 The Hollywood Reporter says, "The New York Film Festival will present "The Future Is Now: 'Blade Runner' at 25," a discussion with filmmakers behind the sci-fi classic, along with dialogues featuring fest directors Julian Schnabel, Todd Haynes, Wes Anderson and Sidney Lumet.
" 'Blade Runner' at 25," held Sept. 29 in conjunction with the North American premiere of Ridley Scott's new "definitive cut" of the 1982 Harrison Ford film, will include a panel of scholars (and, still to be confirmed, Scott and screenwriter Hampton Fancher) discussing the impact of the film on our culture."
27 Aug 2007 Want to help in the research required to begin the process of creating an A.I that can emulate the Human brain? tectonic tells us, "A Canadian company, Intelligence Realm, last week launched a distributed computing project on Linux called "Artificial intelligence - Reverse engineering the brain". The company has invited members of the public to volunteer and donate computer time to help this project develop artificial intelligence (AI)." Warning ... this will take years, so let's get started!
23 Aug 2007 According to The Hollywood Reporter the Blade Runner Ultimate Edition will be shown at the Venice Film Festival (Aug 29 - Sep 8).
21 Aug 2007 The Hugo Awards has a new official website. Blade Runner won a Hugo in 1983.
20 Aug 2007 The new Bioshock game is almost out and is likely to be one of the games of the year - but you already knew that, right? Anyway, what if it became a movie? Check IGN for some thoughts - especially the idea of Scott directing. This idea is further emphasised at GameDaily by Limore Shur, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of EyeballNYC, who created the Bioshock TV Ads. He says, "We also went for strong atmospherics and we think that we achieved this painterly quality to the look, with Ridley Scott Blade Runner lighting added on." [They are very appealing ads. Check out eyeballnyc if you haven't seen this.]
19 Aug 2007 Coming soon to a nursery near you: Morpheus and Ming. Can you possibly guess what this story is about? Well, Robert Schnakenberg has written a book called "Sci-Fi Baby Names". So, why not call your new child Tuvok or Amidala? (I would suggest steering clear of Jabba.) But you might like Hannibal - after Hannibal Chew in BR?
19 Aug 2007 Do you like images of factories or oil refineries? Lots of people do and the internet has helped them find each other. The Japan Times talked to Tetsu Ishii, whose hobby has turned into a photo book, "titled "Kojo Moe (Factory Love)," which features his images of gargantuan steel plants, towering oil refineries and chemical factories billowing clouds of who knows what." When did he truly acknowledge his feelings about the subject? As a teen, "I was watching 'Blade Runner': It's set in a gloomy future Los Angeles, and the lead character has a flying patrol car. I was glued to the city's metallic landscape — I found it so beautiful."
18 Aug 2007 Check out Strange Attractor to find out about VastPark and Dotman. Virtual Worlds are evolving beyond the experience of Second Life. Think of an experience where you can go create your own room in the virtual world where it is even okay to be on your own - "He compared his vision with JF Sebastian, the genetic designer in Blade Runner who created companions for himself." [I left the link in as it is actually a link to this site!]
12 Jul 2007 There is some heated discussion in the world of athletics at the moment about the man they call "blade runner". Here is one article about this issue. It is about Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee who runs on "blades". The question is about whether or not he should be alllowed to compete against people with "normal" legs.

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