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04 Nov 2007 "Murder Party" is a low-budget black comedy film that is mainly set at a Halloween Party with a difference. Costumes range from the usual to those inspired by films like Blade Runner - just check out the picture of the Pris-a-like accompanying the PopJournalism review.
04 Nov 2007 Chip Foose has come a long way since he worked with his Dad and Syd Mead on the cars for Blade Runner. He has pretty much now become legend in the world of car design, "Overhaulin'" and customization. The place to find the industry's future is the "Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show" and there is no question of who is the superstar there. What cements his fame though is that people outside of that world know his name. Check the NY Times for a report on SEMA and Chip.
02 Nov 2007 A cult film with visual depth of detail, a city where there is beauty in the decay, a story of duplication and identity - all descriptive of Blade Runner, but actually referring to a film made the year before - "Diva", directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. Nicolas Rapold for the NY Sun does a retrospective on the film as it starts a two-week revival today at Film Forum. One wonders what a BR directed by Beineix might have been.
01 Oct 2007 Nicolas Rapold for the NY Sun comments on the BR 25 discussion at the NY Film Festival.

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