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12 Sep 2011 Not sure if you want to know, but "Babe Runner - Trailer for the Blade Runner porn parody - SFW"
11 Sep 2011 According to hardwareheaven, Hard Reset is another game with "the aesthetic and characteristics of a Blade Runner style city."
11 Sep 2011 In Fashion Week, someone WILL make a Blade Runner reference about something. Stylebistro steps up...
07 Sep 2011 If you need a break from playing the Cyberpunk Deus Ex: Human Revolution, why not slip in a DVD of your fave Cyberpunk movie to keep the mood going? has the obvious list.
07 Sep 2011 WhatCulture! picks their Top 10 Best and Worst movie adaptations. Of course we know where BR falls - though as noted, it is not strictly faithful to the source. As always, I recommend you read the book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, which is a different, but still compelling experience.
02 Sep 2011 John Digweed (UK electronic dance music meister) talks to Miami New Times. Would you be surprised to learn that the BR soundrack is his favourite? No, me neither.
02 Sep 2011 interviews stand-up comedian Doug Benson (who also starred in 'Super High Me'). Interesting tidbit - a long time ago, he skipped school to be an extra in Blade Runner.
30 Aug 2011 Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, art director for the Cyberpunk game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, talks to about it's creation. Notable are his thoughts on how to make the visuals, while trying to avoid reproducing the iconic Blade Runner that defines that look. For inspiration he turned to the Renaissance and fashion designers influenced by that period but creating avant-garde clothes.

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