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Want the DVD? Or the BR Game? Don't know which books or music to get? Maybe you'd like a Deckard action figure? Make sure you check the BR Related section for all your BR choices.


Many of these downloads can be accessed from other parts of the site. The links are gathered here for your convenience.

NOTE: In order to download a file, right click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." choosing the location you wish to save the file. If you have any difficulties, let me know. And if you want any other downloads here, again let me know.

Disclaimer: Most of the files contained here are non-executable and therefore could not contain a virus anyway. For those files that could possibly contain a virus or macro-virus, I am confident that they are virus free. However, as a computer professional, I always recommend that if you acquire a file from any source that you should always confirm it is virus-free yourself, no matter how reliable the source.


"I heard music"

You want the ubiquitous Blade Runner Blues sound clip? Well go ahead and download it then. Design tip: Not everyone wants to be forced to download and listen to it when they visit your Blade Runner site, so beware of making them!

Or maybe you would like to play some music? Here is the sheet music (zipped PDF file) for "Memories of Green". I don't know where I originally got it from, but it is copyright Vangelis and provided here on the basis that you don't then try to sell it. (But you wouldn't do that would you?)

The Blade Runner music has inspired many others since and is the most sampled film music ever. Here is a small piece contributed by Ahmed Mahi Durgun. Right click to download 428 Kb .rm file of "Melody at Rain."

Very atmospheric music, but all that talking gets in the way. No more! POD has carefully extracted an mp3 of the music at Taffey's Snake Pit Bar. Great stuff! Enjoy at your leisure. Right click to download 7.4 Mb mp3 file.


Played the Blade Runner game by Westwood and thought that they had some cool music in the background? Well here are two pieces of the music in mp3 format. (Westwood unfortunately closed the Blade Runner section of their site, so they won't care about me providing this.) So please enjoy Bounce (3.7 Mb) and Goodnight (3.5 Mb).