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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

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Many of these downloads can be accessed from other parts of the site. The links are gathered here for your convenience.

NOTE: In order to download a file, right click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." choosing the location you wish to save the file. If you have any difficulties, let me know. And if you want any other downloads here, again let me know.

Disclaimer: Most of the files contained here are non-executable and therefore could not contain a virus anyway. For those files that could possibly contain a virus or macro-virus, I am confident that they are virus free. However, as a computer professional, I always recommend that if you acquire a file from any source that you should always confirm it is virus-free yourself, no matter how reliable the source.


Blade Runner Trailers

If you want to see one of the trailers, we have them here for you to download:
(Please download the files before trying to run them.)

DC MPEG - 6.4 Mb
DC MOV - 3.0 Mb
SciFi OV MOV - 3.9 Mb
SciFi OV MOV - 1.0 Mb

1982 UK Trailer (with VO) Real Media - 5.8Mb


Blade Runner Movie Clips

No, not just any old clips. This is Blade Runner, but not as you know it.
(Please download the files before trying to run them.)

The "Bravo" collection - a set of clips from Blade Runner included in a Bravo (US) TV show on movie machines. There are some different things here to what almost all of us have seen before. They are not from the WP though. I will provide more info in due course. Thanks to THX1138 for recording it and to Treybor for encoding the files. These will be made available in various versions, but the first I'm putting up is the largest version (720x480, 30fps). At a little under 19Mb, I know it's too big for some, but smaller versions will be provided in time. Note, this is best viewed with DivX - you can get the free player from the DivX site.
Remember, PLEASE download to your computer before playing.
Bravo collection 720x480, 30fps, 80% quality divx avi


I'm Dreaming of a White ... Unicorn - But what's this? Deckard looking at a photo intercut with the Unicorn Dream? What can it mean? - 3.9 Mb .mpg [Note: Take this as you find it.]


The Hospital Scene - Well, its part of one of them actually, but lets not quibble. This is Deckard talking to the hospitalized Holden. "He'll breathe as long as nobody unplugs him." - 1.0 Mb .mpg

Freeek! Video - George Michael music video that is heavily inspired by a Blade Runner type world. Apparently the song is something to do with a statement about sex used to advertise products. But never mind that. You'll see the BR-esque cityscape, lots of futuristic cavortings about by sexy android-ladies and George poncing about in an "energy suit". Warning! this is the full 43 Meg version. To see the gorgeous matte paintings of the BR-like city, go to the Hatch FX site and click on "Freeek Video".

Welcome to 2019 - If Vangelis hadn't provided such superb music for Blade Runner, then I think we might have been inclined to turn to Pink Floyd for the soundtrack. To see why, download this excellent composition of Blade Runner movie clips edited together by Patrick Meaney to the Pink Floyd track "Welcome to the Machine". This is a 10.8 Mb .wmv file.

Somewhere - Another fan created edit, this one done by Asim Aziz Fazal. The music this time is an atmospheric version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (sung by Tori Amos). This is an 11.3 Mb .wmv file. Asim has done edits of some other films which might interest you - check out his site - Oops, seems to have gone.


What a Wonderful World - The beautiful song by Louis Armstrong now evoking new feelings with scenes from Blade Runner. Created by Kevin Meredith (1.69Mb .wmv file.)