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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

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Want the DVD? Or the BR Game? Don't know which books or music to get? Maybe you'd like a Deckard action figure? Make sure you check the BR Related section for all your BR choices.


Many of these downloads can be accessed from other parts of the site. The links are gathered here for your convenience.

NOTE: In order to download a file, right click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." choosing the location you wish to save the file. If you have any difficulties, let me know. And if you want any other downloads here, again let me know.

Disclaimer: Most of the files contained here are non-executable and therefore could not contain a virus anyway. For those files that could possibly contain a virus or macro-virus, I am confident that they are virus free. However, as a computer professional, I always recommend that if you acquire a file from any source that you should always confirm it is virus-free yourself, no matter how reliable the source.



Do you have the Blade Runner Movie Font (2)? If you do, you will see a running Blade Runner above. If you do not, then all you will see is a boring old "B". The font is the loving creation of Phil Steinschneider which he kindly gives freely for the use of Blade Runner fans everywhere (and has been used on many other sites). You can download it now from here - and then you will see more than just a boring old "R" below! You should make sure you have the first version for some sites and now also available is the spinnner font. For more info (and Mac versions), check out Phil's font page.



Blade Runner Pictures

BRmovie has left the photo-collections for other sites to do as there are several excellent collections around (See links). There are images used throughout the site, so you may be interested in those (but check the copyright restrictions). However, we do have a few interesting photos and wallpaper. [Note: I will be updating the wallpaper selection sometime.....Real Soon Now (2004).]


Blade Runner Screen Saver

There are a couple of Windows screen savers, that you may be interested in. Note: obviously these work fine for me, or I wouldn't provide them, but installation of anything on your PC is your responsibility.

  • Kevin Karstens created a Blade Runner screen saver that has a variety of photos displayed around the Tyrell Building with manic little spinners buzzing about. Optional music. Check out Kevin's site for lots more creative fun stuff.
  • The second screen saver is a collage effect of BR photos, again with optional music. It was created by Odium at Imperial Outpost, but the site has now gone. If anyone knows where, please let me know.
  • If you really need to have all the Blade Runner Screen Savers, then you are going to want the old Samsung Saver as well, aren't you?


Blade Runner Theme Pack

If you want to enhance your PC with BR wallpaper, icons, cursors, sounds, etc. then what you need is a Blade Runner Theme Pack. Here are some you might like to try.

  • The Westwood Blade Runner Theme Pack - comes as an executable. However, the early version is available as a Zip File. Comes with a few wallpapers.
  • Colin Purves Blade Runner Theme Zip File - (with the Esper wallpaper).
  • And another Blade Runner Theme Zip File - this one with alternative poster artwork as wallpaper.


The Westwood Blade Runner computer game

You don't seriously think I'd put it here for download do you? It is a four CD game you can buy at discount nowadays, so very much worth the few notes it costs. Also available on DVD.


Westwood computer game patch

Okay, so you've actually bought the game - most people will run it without difficulty, but you may just need the patch - download for CD or DVD.

CD patch (577 KB)

DVD patch (577 KB)


Turbo.exe - to resolve occasional BR Game problems

On an old PC, chances are you won't have any problems with this game. However, the few problems that some people now experience with the game are when they try to run it on newer, faster computers and are purely down to speed. Diverse technical problems arise for different people and remarkably are almost always solved by slowing down the processing speed. The utility to do this is Turbo.exe - created for something else but it has proved very useful for the BR game. Numerous people have used it successfully and on all Windows platforms. Some find it necessary to reduce the speed by as much as 50%. Note, I have left the zip file exactly as created, but the link to the original creator no longer works.

Turbo zip file (49.8 KB)