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Unicorn Tracks

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Unicorn tracks

We took a walk on the beach about a week ago. I was wearing sneakers, but they didn't make much of an imprint since I don't weigh much.

My daughter noticed tracks in the sand on our return walk home. She said "hey, it looks like pony tracks" (they did look like tiny hoof prints). I then realized that I was making the tracks - just the edge of the heels of my sneakers was depressed into the wet sand.

I said "hey, Mum is really a supernatural creature - I only look like a human female, but maybe I'm really half human, half horse".

My son chimed in "that's so cool! maybe you are a unicorn!"

My daughter said "yes! Mum's really a unicorn in disguise!" Then she paused and said "wait - if Mom's a unicorn in disguise, she might also be a replicant".

My son said "Nah, four year life span. I'm 8, so she can't be a replicant".

My daughter still looked at my tracks and me with a touch of "what if?"

- czf, August 2002.


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