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Blade Runner - Roy Batty with dove

Roy Batty, played by Rutger Hauer.


"We're not computers, Sebastian. We're physical."

Roy Batty, the leader of the renegade Nexus 6 Replicants. Very intelligent, fast and skilled at combat, and yet learning how to deal with developing emotions. He leads a few of his 'friends' on what is inevitably a fruitless search for more life. As hope slowly fades away and his friends are eliminated one by one, it is his experience that carries us through with the question of "what is human?"

The "prodigal son" of Eldon Tyrell, Roy returns to his "father". First seeking a longer life, then asking forgiveness, he ultimately destroys his own maker.

There is no future for Roy, as his friends are killed, his hope for more life is quoshed and finally his girlfriend, Pris, is 'retired' by the Blade Runner Deckard.

After he plays cat and mouse with Deckard, he performs an act suggesting perhaps that he has gained the empathy that is the thin dividing line between the Humans and the Replicants. Showing more "humanity" than the men who seek to kill him, we are left wondering at what exactly makes us human.

For a more detailed analysis of
Batty's character, check out this interpretation contributed by RoyBoy.


Replicant (M) Des: BATTY (Roy)

NEXUS-6 N6MAA10816

Incept Date: 8 JAN., 2016

Func: Combat, Colonization Defense Prog

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. A

Blade Runner Roy Batty replicant

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