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Blade Runner - Captain Bryant

Holden (in his hospital "bed"), played by Morgan Paull.


"He can breathe okay, as long as nobody unplugs him."

Our first introduction to both the VK test and also what the Replicants will do to achieve their goal. The eye at the beginning is supposed to be Holden's, (although it isn't actually Morgan's eye and the character couldn't see the cityscape out of those high windows anyway ...)

Holden is the Blade Runner testing new employees at Tyrell's on the premise that the escaped Reps might try to infiltrate there. He underestimates the Nexus 6 Replicant. Maybe he was tired from interviewing a number of new employees before Leon Kowalski turned up. Perhaps he wasn't expecting to get a result at all. And maybe he didn't expect the Reps to be armed. And it seems the new Reps are difficult to detect even with the VK machine.

Holden gets shot. He gets his gun partially out, but is shot again. Leon leaves him for dead.

There were two hospital scenes with Holden and Deckard, but these were cut out due to not adding anything to the story, (and perhaps detracting from it even). Some can be seen in the BR documentary, which is hoped will be on the 2002/3 Blade Runner Special Edition DVD. This scene is also available in our downloads section. It is expected one or perhaps even both scenes will appear in a "deleted scenes" section on the new DVD. They are unlikely to be reinserted into the movie itself.


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