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Blade Runner - Leon Kowalski

Leon Kowalski, played by Brion James.


"Its painful to live in fear, isn't it."

Leon Kowalski is friend to Roy Batty. His emotions are at a much lower level of development than Roy's, but he evidently believes in Roy's quest for more life. Is this from simple comradeship, or because he knows Roy is much more intelligent and must be correct, or indeed, are they really friends? Leon is classified mental level C. There is a debate about whether this means he is less intelligent compared to the average human, or just less intelligent compared to the average Nexus 6 Replicant.

He certainly doesn't have the speed of thought of Roy when it comes to getting through a situation, resorting instead to simple violence. Blade Runner Holden is the first recipient of this when just starting to suspect that his VK subject isn't just another human. Deckard gets a good beating after Leon witnesses him kill Zhora. It may be that Leon and Zhora had the first tentative steps to an emotional bonding.

Leon has cherished photographs of his friends. Unlike Rachael's false photos of her childhood, these are current photos of the only ones who mean something in his life. A desperate grasp on a fading reality perhaps? Another item leading us to question what is real? Particularly as Leon's photo that Deckard examines with his Esper is purportedly of Zhora (except it isn't Joanna Cassidy) and Roy (both Rutger Hauer and a stand-in). Ridley Scott playing with the subject of memories?


Replicant (M) Des: LEON

NEXUS-6 N6MAC41717

Incept Date: 10 APRIL, 2017

Func: Combat/Loader (Nuc. Fiss)

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. C

Blade Runner Leon Kowalski replicant

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