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Blade Runner - Pris

Pris, played by Daryl Hannah.


"I think, Sebastian ... therefore, I am."

Pris is the girlfriend of Roy Batty. Two Nexus 6 Replicants in love? Roy certainly has an emotional attachment to her and she does seem to care for him too, but perhaps on several levels. He is the only one who can save her.

She is the "pleasure model", (incepted on Valentine's Day), created for entertainment and thus even more of a slave-object than the others. However, she shows that she can be quite adept at manipulation of the human male as she uses her wiles to "make friends" with J.F.Sebastian, a man who until then, literally made his friends!

It is perhaps fortunate for Deckard that she tries to kill him with acrobatics and a somewhat sexual attack, forgetting his blaster lying within easy reach on the floor.


Replicant (F) Des: PRIS

NEXUS-6 N6FAB21416

Incept Date: 14 FEB., 2016

Func: Military/Leisure

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. B

Blade Runner Pris replicant

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