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Blade Runner - Taffey Lewis

Taffey Lewis, played by Hy Pyke.

"Pal, I got a license to piss,
I got a license to kiss,
An' I got a license to pee at
four in the morning.

I got licenses for things I do with
my wife an' I got licenses for things
I don't do with my wife.

I got licenses for bad dreams, pal.
I got licenses you wouldn't believe.
Now buzz the fuck off, okay ?"

Deckard seems blown away, puts his hands up, palms forward, surrendering.

Okay, the dialogue above was in the 1981 script, but just like Zhora's dance, didn't actually make it into the film. I think that is a shame, so lets play pretend.

Taffey Lewis is the sleazy owner of Taffey's Snake Pit Bar where much entertainment occurs. There is music, exotic dancing, something being smoked in pipes. But the place isn't downmarket - all the clientele seem to be well dressed. Taffey is obviously used to policemen and has little time for them. Deckard's threats don't wash with him and he dismisses Deckard with a free drink. ("The man is dry," obviously a double meaning - Deckard must have a dry sense of humour if he thinks his little attempt at police macho-man is going to get him anywhere with Taffey.)

Deckard invites Rachael to join him, but she says its not her kind of place. Deck then sees Zhora and waits for her backstage, before gaining access to her (shared) dressing room through a quickly thought up deception. They fight. She escapes. He chases. She dies.

Leon turns up (presumably to meet his "girlfriend" after she finished her performance). Luckily for Deckard, Rachael decides to come down to see him after all ...


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