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Blade Runner - Eldon Tyrell

Dr Eldon Tyrell, played by Joe Turkel.


"Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell; more human than human is our motto!"

The evil Frankenstein? The genetic engineer gone a step too far? Man trying to be God? Or just a businessman trying to produce the best product? Eldon Tyrell is a genius who has built up the large corporation that bears his name. The buildings are huge and his own apartments are very impressive. Extreme power.

His creations are Replicants. Some of them given away "free" to people accepting the offer to emigrate to the Off-World colonies. Others are used in combat to protect those settlers, (from what, we don't know). Does he go too far in his quest to make his creations "more human than human"? He receives hard judgement as the "prodigal son" Roy Batty, and advanced Nexus 6 Replicant returns and kills his "father".


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