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Blade Runner - Zhora

Zhora, played by Joanna Cassidy.


"Are you for real?"

Zhora has managed to get a job as an exotic dancer at Taffey's Bar, (using Joanna's own pet snake). Tracked down by Deckard from a snake scale, (actually the close-up we see is of a marijuana bud), she soon realises that Deckard isn't for real, (what IS real?). This Nexus 6 Replicant has been retrained in political homicide, (i.e. an assassin), she could have swiftly dealt with Deckard, but (not for the last time), Deckard escapes death by the slightest of margins as people walk in just before Zhora delivers a killing blow.

She obviously wants to live and looks really scared as she tries to escape in the busy street, running from Deckard's blaster. But he shoots her (in the back). Leon turns up too late to save his girlfriend, but then seeks to instil the same fear of dying in Deckard. For the second time, Deckard just escapes with his life, this time with Rachael's help. (Saved from a Replicant by another Replicant.)


Replicant (F) Des: ZHORA

NEXUS-6 N6FAB61216

Incept Date: 12 JUNE, 2016

Func: Retrained (9 Feb., 2018) Polit. homicide

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. B

Blade Runner Zhora replicant


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