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Hampton Fancher - Scriptwriter of Blade Runner


True Designation:
Hampton Fancher

Incept Date:
18 Jul 1938

Incept Location:
Los Angeles, California, USA

Hampton Fancher was the original force behind Blade Runner. He was an actor who took the book by Philip K. Dick, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and created a workable screenplay from it. Sufficient to get producers involved and get the film moving. When Ridley Scott came on board as director, he had some very definite ideas about what the film should be about. After working with Fancher for months, Hampton decided to say enough was enough. Scott called in Peoples, (who had been working with his brother Tony Scott), to implement some more changes.

That wasn't the end for Fancher though - during filming, more changes were required and Peoples was no longer available, so Fancher was asked to come back and make more enhancements. It is good to know that Fancher and Peoples became friends and both were so concerned that the other had written "that" voice-over that they didn't mention it to each other for ages afterwards!

Hampton's notable film since has been The Minus Man (1999). Adapted by Hampton from the novel by Lew McCreary and also directed by Hampton. A film that gets some viewers who don't understand it, hate it and are bored and others who think it is absolute brilliance, particularly script and direction. Rather like another film we know...


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