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Voice-over scriptwriter

True Designation:
Roland Kibbee

Incept Date:
15 feb 1914

Incept Location:
Monogahela, Pennsylvania, USA

Retirement from life:
5 Aug 1984

Retirement Location:
Encino, California, USA

Roland Kibbee did the final draft for the much debated voice-overs used in the Original Theatrical Release of Blade Runner.

Both the scripts of Hampton Fancher and David Peoples had at some point contained voice-overs. However, when it was decided that the movie was to be shot without them - the idea was that they could be added again in post production - they were omitted from the shooting script.

In post production, three drafts were made of the voice-overs.

The first draft was made by Darryl Ponicsan. However according to Future Noir "Ridley Scott was not happy with Ponicsan's attempt."

David Peoples then made the second draft, which was used at the Denver/Dallas sneak premieres. The feedback of these sneaks however, was partly one of confusion regarding the plot, which led the BR team to go for a third attempt.

Television writer Roland Kibbee wrote the final third draft, which ended up being the one used. According to FN "Kibbee created his version of the voice-over by stiching together his own input with selections from previous narrations written by those who'd gone before him".

However as he remained uncredited, both Hampton Fancher and David Peoples for a long time suspected one another of having written it.


Profile written by Tyge

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