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Hampton Fancher - Scriptwriter of Blade Runner


True Designation:
Philip Kindred Dick

Incept Date:
16 Dec 1928

Joined the Kipple:
2 Mar 1982

Incept Location:
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Philip K. Dick is the celebrated science fiction novelist who wrote the book whhich inspired Blade Runner, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". The book is definitely worth reading, whether you have seen the film or not. As Blade Runner was created with a different emphasis altogether the book and film ahave many differences. (And his other books are also highly recommended!)

Dick felt left out of things when the BR production process started, because, to be honest, he was left out of things. However, he did eventually see 20 minutes of film, including SFX and city shots and was blown away by it as it captured the concept of what he was thinking. And upon seeing a still photo of Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty, proclaimed that was exactly what he should look like!

Unfortunately, Mr. Dick did not get to see the film released as he died a few months before the film's release.


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