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Ridley Scott on the Blade Runner set


True Designation:
Ridley Scott

Incept Date:
30 Nov 1937

Incept Location:
South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK

Ridley Scott at the 2001 Oscar ceremony

Take a look at the Ridley Scott Associates site. It is very flashy,
but content is a bit lacking. Perhaps more will be added in the future.

Ridley Scott, the man himself. Blade Runner is Scott's creation more than anyone else. Having heavily influenced the screenplay creation process, he created the final version from earlier scripts by both of the scriptwriters. Famous as one of the best of the visual directors, he managed to create a film that two decades later not only influences many science fiction films, but influences real life itself. He has continued to make wonderful films and few people who ever watch movies could possibly never have seen one of his!

Scott is busy producing two more films already in 2002, having finished off Black Hawk Down. But hopefully most of all, he is creating his definitive version of what he always wanted Blade Runner to be, (within the constraints of what was actually filmed, of course).

Tony Scott said of his brother in a CBS 60 minutes interview, when asked of a fair criticism of Ridley, "We're... both tarred with the same brush, and that is style over content. We can hopefully educate the community in...reevaluating that... you can mix both style and content and produce something which is one doesn't hurt the other. You look at films like Blade Runner and it was, you know, Ridley's vision of this world. To be honest, that vision was a lot to do with where we were brought up in, you know, Newcastle and West Hartlepool, where it rained constantly and was dark and overcast. And there was always...a pessimistic vision of the world."

In the same interview, when asked if Ridley has a signature film Tony says, "Blade Runner for me is...Ridley's movie. Cause Blade Runner took a piece of his soul as well. Yeah. It was very hard. He did Blade Runner at a time when the film community, Hollywood was not ready for...that sort of obsession with detail. He became an animal because he was trying to educate the community in terms of how he made film in terms of how they made film, which was very different then. We brought from... England something to the...industry which wasn't... there at the time. Which is our attention to detail, which came really from advertising....But people didn't understand it. They thought ... he was mad."


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