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Back Apparently there is more than one version of Blade Runner - which one do I get?

Well, yes there are several versions, but chances are, you are going to end up with the widescreen Director's cut. The Workprints are bootlegs. The Original (1982) Version is now becoming quite difficult to find in the USA, and is only on video - you might try eBay or similar. It is still to be found in the UK. The Director's Cut is the current retail version.
Have a look at this section of the FAQ for details of the different versions.
There are two important facts to consider:

Firstly, if you are buying it on DVD, then be warned that Blade Runner was one of the first films to be put onto DVD. This means that the quality is not as high as with some of those more recently created. There are also no extras. This is the same DVD in all packaging, even the "Collector's Edition".

Secondly, this is soon to change as "they" are currently working on the "Special Edition". This DVD is expected in 2002/3, so if you can wait a short while to make your purchase, it will almost certainly be worth it. It would be surprising if the BR SE version isn't also put onto video.

Note: For your convenience, I have added links to - and where you can find further information and reviews about the film. There are a few differences between UK and US. Note, these are just for info - as with any movie purchase, it is up to you to shop around for the best deal.
Warning: If you should be considering a purchase of a movie from another country, remember that video formats and DVD regions vary! In Europe most equipment plays both PAL and NTSC formats and it is easy to get a multi-region mod for many DVD players. In the USA, finding equipment that plays anything other than NTSC format and DVD R1 is difficult. Of course, in the USA, it is not usually an issue ...
Blade Runner Special Edition DVD

The Blade Runner Special Edition DVD is in production and is due to be released in 2002/3. For the latest news on the BR:SE DVD, check out the News section.

NB: Do not confuse this with the "Collector's Edition" (see below).


Blade Runner movie

Blade Runner Director's Cut DVD

This is the commonly available DVD. If you really want to own the film right now, on DVD, then this is what you'll get, unless you go for the Collector's Edition, (see below).

Blade Runner "Limited Edition" Collector's Set DVD

You get the SAME DVD plus these extras:

8 Original Limited Edition Lobby Cards
Exclusive Limited Edition Senitype image from movie with 35mm Film Frame
Original One Sheet Movie Poster (27x40)
Draft shooting script

These extras will cost you in the region of an extra $50 or 30 above the basic DVD.

Blade Runner movie [ Click image for bigger picture ]

Blade Runner movie

Blade Runner Director's Cut Video

If you want to buy the movie on video in the USA, this is what you'll probably find.

Blade Runner Video

I believe this is the Original 1982 Version. (PAL format)

Blade Runner movie

Blade Runner movie

Blade Runner Director's Cut Video

UK edition of the Director's Cut.